Featured Projects

Rotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds: Flemington-Kensington, 9800, Vic Au

We collect unwanted playgrounds from councils and schools and sends them to disadvantaged overseas communities. Starting with a single playground to a girls school in Sri Lanka, this project has now collected over 40 playgrounds from across Victoria and sent them to Timor Leste, the Philippines and Tanzania as well as Sri Lanka.  

The Waggle Dance, Canterbury, 9800, Vic, Au

The Waggle Dance Project was created to provide a unique centrepiece to a planned Honey Festival and it has been used to promote Wold Bee Day. It relates to the waggle dance bees use to communicate the whereabouts of flowers and pollen to their hive. The honey festival is a future fundraising project of RC Canterbury, and the idea of the Waggle Dance is that its success and sense of fun will be attractive to sponsors and potential visitors to a festival with a sustainability theme.

Colour Your World, District 9800, Vic, Au

In response to the pandemic and the current restrictions in Melbourne, the District 9800 Environmental Sustainability Committee was challenged to come up with an activity that would make a positive contribution to the environment, engage members and maintain their safety while in lock down. The concept of ‘Colour your World’ aims to encourage members collectively to contribute to biodiversity and support pollinators, by growing flowering plants in their garden.