Our Teams


The Task Force Teams Overview


At present we have eight teams that are working on different aspects of Climate Solutions.

ESRAG Drawdown Support Teams

Steering – Providing guidance and coordinating the overall efforts

Education – Developing the communications materials and helping increase awareness about the Drawdown Climate Solutions framework

Solutions – Facilitating projects and the individual Solutions Task Forces such as Food Waste

Collaborative Relationships – Faciltating collaboration about Climate Solutions with internal Rotary and external stakeholders

Solutions Taskforce Teams

Renewable Energy – Supporting renewable energy projects such as Solar Rooftop

Reduce Food Waste  – Facilitating solutions that keep food waste out of landfill so it doesn’t create methane (a potent GHG)

Plant Rich Diet – Facilitating moving away from resource intensive meat based diets to Plant Rich Diets

Cleaner CookstovesHelping reduce the burning of fuels for cooking.  3 Billion people worldwide cook on wasteful, unhealthy open fires

Regenerative Agriculture (Coming soon)– Facilitating agriculture practices that fosters healthy soils


Related Initiatives

Meeting Times and Zoom Links


Main Monthly

Second Thursday of the Month 1pm CT USA ( 7pm UTC)  

Zoom room 83694474174 Link


Third Thursday of the Month 1pm CT USA ( 7pm UTC)  

Collaborative Relationships

Second  Tuesday of the Month 3pm CT USA ( 9pm UTC) 

Zoom room 84531211002 Link