Food Waste Task Force


Food Too Good To Waste

Food Waste

Facilitating solutions that keep food waste out of landfill:

  • so it doesn’t create methane (a potent GHG)
  • lowers emissions through reduced production and transport by creating a more circular economy
  • improves  food security


Did you know 17 percent of edible food is wasted mostly from households regardless of country?

Learn simple ways to reduce food waste at home, in your club and community, and at Rotary events.

Stop one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases. Because Food is too good to waste.

About Us

Our Mission: To educate Rotarians on food waste and induce behavior change at the household, club, business, communities, and school levels by providing tools and project support.

Our Taskforce is working to helpo support Clubs and District implement projects that collectively create significant impact.

Here are two great ways you and your club can make a difference.


Food Too Good To Waste Challenge

Reducing Food Waste at Rotary Events:

Visit our 3D Booth at ESRAG’s Virtual Exhibitor Hall

We are one of the Environmental Sustainability Booths at ESRAG’s 3D Virtual Exhibitor Hall.

Contact Our Team

Amelie Catheline, Co-chair and Food Too Good To Waste Challenge point of contact:
John Harder, Compost Master:
Joe Richardson, Lunch Out Of Landfills program leader:

Documents and Resources

Public Folder of Resources:  GDRIVE

Presentation to Give to Your Club (PowerPoint and Narrative): GDRIVE